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Tom Merigan


Realtor/Keller Williams Cupertino
20230 Stevens Creek Blvd. Ste. E

Tom Merigan

Cupertino CA 95014
Phone (408) 559-1069
Fax (408) 850-6901
Email tmerigan@yahoo.com

Keller Williams


Silicon Valley is the business and high tech center of the Bay Area. It is referred to as silicon for the silicon that the chips are made of, and valley because it is partially surrounded by mountains. Silicon Valley is the birthplace of the PC and the MAC. One could make the argument that Silicon Valley spawned the internet generation, since Netscape was founded here. Althought much of the work has been outsourced, many of the ideas and products are produced here. In fact, in recent years, the area has grown in industry exponentially. With technology integrated into every facet of our lives, more developments and innovations have caused the area to swell with ideas, new business models and forward thinking that leads the way for the rest of the world. 


Apple Google Yahoo

With an abundance of up and coming tech professionals, many Silicon Valley business start ups begin here. The area is home to big dreamers who capitalize on the networking framework. From bio tech careers to chip makers, companies such as Cisco, Apple, Google, eBay, Linkedin, and Facebook all began with an idea. The resources are here, and cutting edge technology thrives as it forms within Silicon Valley in Northern California.